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Ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy using Varithenaâ„¢ microfoam is one of the most effective and straightforward ways of treating varicose veins. If you're looking for an advanced therapy for varicose veins, experienced vein care experts Adam Phillips, DO, TC Lackey II, DO, and their team at Florida Lakes Vein Center can help. At locations in Venice and Lakewood Ranch, Florida, they offer Varithena treatments that can destroy troublesome veins with minimal pain and downtime. Call the Florida Lakes Vein Center office nearest you for more information or book an appointment online today.


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What is Varithena?

Varithena microfoam is a sclerosant substance that the Florida Lakes Vein Center team uses to treat varicose veins. It contains a chemical called polidocanol that your provider injects into the problem veins. The foam fills the vein and causes it to deteriorate. Varithena is the only microfoam that has FDA approval for treating vein disease. Unlike some other varicose vein therapies, Varithena is effective in treating varying vein sizes both above and below your knee.

Varithena doesn't require any incisions in your body, and there's no need for your provider to insert a catheter along the length of your vein. They can administer the treatment in as little as 1-2 needle sticks.

Why would I need to undergo treatment with Varithena?

The team at Florida Lakes Vein Center might suggest Varithena as a suitable treatment option if you have varicose veins in your legs. These problem veins are typically large and discolored, forming blue, purple, or red rope-like coils under your skin.

Varicose veins develop when there's a fault in how blood returns to your heart from your feet. The veins have tiny valves that stop gravity from pulling blood back down when it's traveling up your legs. If the valves malfunction, blood forms pools that appear as varicose veins.

There are several treatment options for varicose veins, which your provider discusses with you beforehand to help you make the right choice.

What happens when I undergo treatment with Varithena?

Varithena treatment is nonsurgical and minimally invasive. Your provider at Florida Lakes Vein Center usually numbs the injection site, but there's no need for any additional anesthesia.

The procedure typically takes less than an hour to complete. Your provider then applies bandages that need to stay on and remain dry for 48 hours.

You can resume normal activities the same day as your treatment. You should aim to walk for 10 minutes a day for the first month and avoid long periods of inactivity. The treated veins break down over time, and your body absorbs the remains, leaving your legs blemish-free.

If you're looking for an effective, straightforward solution to troublesome varicose veins, find out more about Varithena. Call Florida Lakes Vein Center today or book an appointment online.